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Topic subjectDamn.
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12685897, Damn.
Posted by kaori_dalessio, Mon Dec-29-14 10:32 AM
so I've been friends with a ridiculously fine woman for about 10-11 years. i always wanted to get the drawls, but we were cool and she was dating some dude for most of that time.

well the other night, I stopped by her crib to drop off some stuff from a group of friends we share that I had just visited. She opened the door lip gloss shining, baby hair banging, no drawls and a full camel foot (not a cameltoe, but a foot) staring a brotha in the face.

I knew at that moment, she was getting this dick.

Make a long story short, I had ol' girl bent over her couch and I was killin' that thang. Then I did what all of us men do--I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them cakes all the way apart and then this thought went through my mind...

"What the fuck is that?!?!?"

Maaaaan!!! Homegirl had a big ass piece of toilet paper stuck to her asshole!!!

I had to get up off that thang!! She was like, "What's wrong?!?!?" My response was, "You don't know????"

I ended up leaving...