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Topic subjectYall got any new years resolutions or nah?
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12685239, Yall got any new years resolutions or nah?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Sat Dec-27-14 04:16 PM
Mine are to get into grad school
Pass the Gace
Start experimenting with closures for my weave
Be skinty by March
Refrain from loving these hoes.

12685246, to not spend much (if anything) on junk food
Posted by c71, Sat Dec-27-14 04:33 PM
12685251, I got a bunch...
Posted by Kira, Sat Dec-27-14 04:53 PM

Get an A in two 600 level public health courses over the next six months.

Move somewhere else before the summer.

Find a way to get better at living.

Stay out of legal trouble.

Weigh 350 pounds with 4 percent body fat.

Go to Hawaii for new year's next year.
12685261, to stop correcting ppl on OKP.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Sat Dec-27-14 05:55 PM