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Topic subjectInappropriate Confessions and Questions. Asked & Answered.
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12685121, Inappropriate Confessions and Questions. Asked & Answered.
Posted by bonitaapplebaum71481, Sat Dec-27-14 08:29 AM
It's Saturday. I'll be checking this place on and off cuz I'm working 12 hours today. Plus, I'm frisky so whatever. It's the holidays.

Open question to kick things off: so I'm a fan of fat dicks, how does a guy even go about having one? Or is it just a miracle of science and ingenuity?


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12685122, define: fat
Posted by Binlahab, Sat Dec-27-14 08:32 AM
like if you cant grip it totally...thats just genetic

im sure theres a dick shot doctor somewhere who will plump that bad boy up for you for a price

lemme think of a good question.

main thing im into is money so asking sex questions is pointless to me


why hula hooping...does that actually keep you in shape

does it really matter?

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12685126, is there a way to "accidentally" grab a cock
Posted by godleeluv, Sat Dec-27-14 08:44 AM
If you want to see what size it is without committing yourself to anything. Like men accidentally graze a titty or ass cheek?
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12685144, think that's all genetics.
Posted by tariqhu, Sat Dec-27-14 10:30 AM
I'm sure there's a doc can make shit bigger nowadays. but some of us just get the luck of the draw.

what was the last thing you put in your pussy?
12685181, when gay men have sex doggy style do their balls collide?
Posted by godleeluv, Sat Dec-27-14 12:20 PM
Like when the balls hit the vagina. I know some men have saggy balls. So if it happens, is this painful or stimulating?
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