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Topic subjectI'm bout to go smoke a bowl and call it a night
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12684388, I'm bout to go smoke a bowl and call it a night
Posted by deejboram, Wed Dec-24-14 11:31 PM
Santa should be on final approach and preparing for landing in NYC right now.
By the time my head hits the pillow he should be near the Georgia-Alabama line

I can't believe I'm such a old nigga now

Like, is this what my parents felt like when I was knee high?
Just another day but wrapping presents while all us kids was sleep?
I can see my dad now with a joint in his mouth, big ass afro, cussing my mom out as he's wrapping gifts.
12684390, man inlaws are visiting, its fucking miserable at my house right now
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Wed Dec-24-14 11:40 PM
all i want to do is drink some tequila and do a dab. and these fuckers are uptil like 3 am cleaning our kitchen(not complaining about the cleaning part, bunch of other bulsh)

im working til midnight tonight and tomorrow those fuckers better be aasleep by the time i get home
12684393, i'm workin all night til 4am...got me some vanilla stolis tho and
Posted by LAbeathustla, Thu Dec-25-14 12:09 AM
of course my fo twinky.... ahh the joys of working remotely..basically getting paid to get fucked up and work on some music..
12684491, Sometimes I feel weird for never being part of a religion
Posted by deejboram, Thu Dec-25-14 01:11 PM
Truthful Thursdays

I'd imagine if I was deep off into religion I could go to church today or yesterday like I seen all them Catholics doing.
Might give today more meaning.

Right now I hate this Shit because the intensity in which ppl be trying to buy surprise gifts for others.
I just don't feel like the sentiment is really there.

I didn't buy my wife anything for Christmas.
I got a free robe from Ulta for buying some YSL L'homme
I gave that to her and said it was from our daughter.
Christmas sucks.
I gave my wife like for gifts the first three weeks of December so Xmas is kinda weak

I give whenever
12684675, What strain u smoking tonight?
Posted by TRENDone, Fri Dec-26-14 02:49 AM
Still got some "cookie special" $60/qtr. it's probably outdoor cuz I've had way better cookies. Probably gonna re-up before NYE cuz I know the club gonna have more specials.

I'm abt to roll one up, cruise the empty streets knocking Black Messiah...hella 'playery!
12684676, more tequila more dabs for me tonight
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Fri Dec-26-14 02:51 AM
ive completely forgotten what this is. it might be blue dream
12684698, GSC
Posted by deejboram, Fri Dec-26-14 06:46 AM
i wrote this on xmas eve
last night i was bent off egg nog
tipped up with southern comfort, of course!!!