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Topic subjectask me/ask you post...holiday edition
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12684062, ask me/ask you post...holiday edition
Posted by godleeluv, Wed Dec-24-14 01:53 PM

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12684068, 2x per month makes me sad for your relationship
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Dec-24-14 01:56 PM
that's some depressing shit.

Do you expect your future relationships to have the same amount of sex?
12684102, it didn't start out that way
Posted by godleeluv, Wed Dec-24-14 02:35 PM
Matter of fact, he was the one that pointed out that it had gotten down to two times a month. One of the main reasons is I am a true leo who loves to please. If you let me know what you want and I'm your woman, you will get it plus more. If you say nothing you won't get much.

We used to have sex more because I thought if I did random things to please him he would become more vocal, but that isn't the case.

I will take more time to qualify my next partner and make sure we are compatible. That is where I messed up here.
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♥♥Church Diva♥♥

Question...name a situation where it took you a long time to fix a problem.
12684070, Are you happy? (c)
Posted by 8-bit, Wed Dec-24-14 01:59 PM
12684105, I am always appreciative of having the opportunity to be happy
Posted by godleeluv, Wed Dec-24-14 02:40 PM
My job makes me happy, my family makes me happy...mom, dad, siblings, my church, my talents, my opportunities.

But there is something that makes me very unhappy and that Is my inability to trust another person enough to share all my thoughts and feelings with in a romantic relationship. I'm not good at picking a mate. To me my mate will and should be the closest person to me.

Question...tell me a good pro site other than xnxx.com
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12684073, why your posts always get locked/deleted?
Posted by deejboram, Wed Dec-24-14 02:02 PM
like the one right before you made this post about what you know about other OKPs
12684108, I must be breaking a rule I don't know about
Posted by godleeluv, Wed Dec-24-14 02:41 PM
If a post gets deleted or locked I just make another one and hope for the best. The mods have admitted in the past that they delete posts on accident. I just assume it was their mistake.

Question...did you really like Annie?
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12684536, did everyone enjoy your holiday
Posted by godleeluv, Thu Dec-25-14 04:09 PM

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