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Topic subjectI'm sorry... this ribs story is just ridic....
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12683681, I'm sorry... this ribs story is just ridic....
Posted by FLUIDJ, Tue Dec-23-14 07:51 PM


I'm choosing not to believe this one.....
12683705, yeah, I ain't never heard of no nigga thinking pussy before BBQ!
Posted by homer_pimpson225, Tue Dec-23-14 08:51 PM
12683879, lol
Posted by Somnus, Wed Dec-24-14 10:38 AM
12683795, why did I read this?
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Wed Dec-24-14 08:38 AM
12683840, Agreed, I never could get past Genesis myself
Posted by bentagain, Wed Dec-24-14 10:11 AM
12683865, doesn't really fit the M.O. at all
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Dec-24-14 10:29 AM
12683869, Good thing there are 19 other believable stories
Posted by Chanson, Wed Dec-24-14 10:30 AM
12684130, indeed! this one shoulda never hit the press though...Dr.Phil
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Dec-24-14 03:22 PM
fcked up by even entertaining this one...