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Topic subjectDope Photo Journal on the Fall of Chicago Public Housing
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12683481, Dope Photo Journal on the Fall of Chicago Public Housing
Posted by DVS, Tue Dec-23-14 02:49 PM

I don't know about anybody else....but the reality of the situation (it was bad) and the way they broke apart their "problem" is one of the truer testaments to this city I live in.

We always been on some money hungry, shade tree assed shit.

I was afraid of the projects as a youth...I didn't understand the ferocity I saw from some of their residents that I encountered in personal and professional life over the years....but I knew that what had led them to where they were was outside of their control for the most part....and the way Chicago did them when they broke them up was horrible.

Suburbs became crime ridden....children were killed as rival gang members were forced into the same district...People displaced with no real destination......

Anyway...here is a nice window into that world