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Topic subjecti didn't put up a tree last year or this year
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12683419, i didn't put up a tree last year or this year
Posted by godleeluv, Tue Dec-23-14 01:44 PM
I think my son's father knew I wasn't going to do it this year either so he did it himself. He also rearranged the living room and bought most of the toys. I bought necessities like a new car seat. And I told him I didn't want to get gifts for him and I until after christmas.

I really don't want he and I to exchange gifts at all.

Having pink eye doesn't help. But before that I wasn't in the Christmas mood. I was looking forward to making a cake but I don't want to do that now because of my pi k eye.

I am glad he put up the tree though because it's pretty to look at when I get sad.
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