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Topic subjectAs Time Goes On It Feels Less And Less Like Xmas
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12683196, As Time Goes On It Feels Less And Less Like Xmas
Posted by vee-lover, Tue Dec-23-14 11:45 AM
I'm not sure if it's because of the economy and ppl not having the money to buy expensive toys for their kids who really only play w/them for abt a week and then move on to something else or if it's because of the stressing out ppl tend to do over buying gifts for family members who a lot of time are more concerned with if you paid less for her gift than you did your other auntie or cousin

Where I'm at there's hardly any houses w/lights up

Even for those of us who have long stopped celebrating Christmas, there was still a certain benevolence you felt from ppl around this time of year (if it was only for a few days)

Now the "holiday" has clearly been made of mockery of w/how foolish ppl act during Blk Friday

Starting to feel more and more like any ol day off...at least imo

What ya'll think...