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Topic subjectIs ISIS still popping in these arab streets?
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12682966, Is ISIS still popping in these arab streets?
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Dec-23-14 09:41 AM
did we take them all out with drones?

12682976, Taliban & boko haram just dropped the newest mixtapes
Posted by Riot, Tue Dec-23-14 09:48 AM
Isis is back in the studio 4 now
12682980, a German Source Mind Squad writer dropped by the ISIS studio
Posted by j., Tue Dec-23-14 09:56 AM
says they're cooking up some "bust your shit open" type beats

12682985, they did a CNN "Cribs" session last week it was more like VLadTV tho
Posted by deejboram, Tue Dec-23-14 10:04 AM
the German journalist was the anchor
they even had some white ISIS cat on there that looked like quite a few OKP or Action Bronson
12699596, They recruiting kids that look like me :(
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu Jan-15-15 11:10 AM


12699718, wow... not the babies
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jan-15-15 12:10 PM
12699606, they're underground, you know those cats dont get much play.
Posted by DavidHasselhoff, Thu Jan-15-15 11:14 AM
12699707, Don't they have some kind of unofficial state
Posted by Atillah Moor, Thu Jan-15-15 12:02 PM
Like "Outer Heaven" in the Metal Gear series?
12699732, ISIS is getting stronger. Expect a huge conflict this year.
Posted by initiationofplato, Thu Jan-15-15 12:17 PM
12700018, they just killed a few of them niggas in Belgium
Posted by sixteenstone, Thu Jan-15-15 02:58 PM