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Topic subjecta midget elf with hemorrhoids
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12682988, a midget elf with hemorrhoids
Posted by godleeluv, Tue Dec-23-14 10:08 AM
Lol. I didn't know that was a "thing" with pink eye cause they kept asking me that at work. And the funny thing is everyone at my job kept saying, no you don't have pink eye girl. Lol. I told my doctor that yesterday and he laughed because he said, why did they think something was wrong? Because your eye was pink?

That is the last time I listen to other people instead of just going to the doctor. I went 2 days suffering and possibly spreading the sickness because I didn't know what it was and listened to my coworkers who told me I couldn't possibly have pink eye.

Now I see why okp tells me to go to the doctor if I have any concerns about anything. Who knew yall gave such great advice and didn't try to self diagnose people?

I'm taking my son at 230pm to the pediatrician to make sure he doesn't have it, and to ask some other very important questions I've been putting off.
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