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Topic subjectGoing on a cruise alone might be whack
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12682855, Going on a cruise alone might be whack
Posted by sixteenstone, Mon Dec-22-14 11:31 PM
Hell I just went on one with my husband and his parents and was bored out of my mind.
If it's just a regular cruise, depending on the cruise line it will be mostly older people or couples with children.
It's just not a good way of traveling overall. Depends on what your goal is. If it's just spending time with family, then go.
Not to mention the first time I went on one my airline made me miss the boat, but the actual cruise was fun cause there were no days at sea.
The one I went on a month ago was severely delayed by fog so one of the 2 destinations were canceled. Excursions were canceled for the destination we did go to.