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Topic subjectWill Smith Back Y'all!!!!
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12731238, Will Smith Back Y'all!!!!
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Feb-19-15 09:58 AM
So I read this new Esquire interview of Will Smith expecting him to be on some scientology type "I’m a student of patterns. At heart, I’m a physicist" type quotables but dude was totally off that.

He was as humble as I have ever heard him speak. Even talked alot about commitment to service to others and his little baptist grandma as an idol. Good Read.


I've been up and down with Will Smith. First rap album I bought myself so once he was my favorite MC. Then I thought he got a bad rap because black folks turned on him when he started talking respectability politics (I always found it interesting that some black folks will turn on you quicker for saying "rappers shouldn't curse so much" than for, say, being accused of rape.)

But dude completely lost me when he started sounding like Tom Cruise. Anyway, sounds like the failure of beyond earth knocked some sense into him.

The healthy ego is still there, but dude navigated questions about ferguson and struggle pretty well. None of that all you have to do is Will success and it will happen type talk.

I wonder how important this movie being a success is for his career going forward?

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