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Topic subjectliving in dc but not quite like that
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12682773, living in dc but not quite like that
Posted by LittleTortilla, Mon Dec-22-14 07:28 PM
there is this unmarked building near my old job. All the other buildings around have the companies clearly marked on the outside of the building. it's in the middle of downtown. all the windows are blacked out. you gotta swipe into the front door at all times. and the parking lot is heavily guarded. then i realized that only black SUVs ever come out of there. So I guess it's like acme ltd or something.

i haven't seen anyone get picked up but I have seen people being followed. i'm actually surprised that that secret service dudes are so easy to spot. you can usually tell they are like ex-military by the way they carry themselves and then you peep the ear piece.

I did see a raid a few years back. Walking to the bus stop and they blocking the streets off and there were a bunch of dudes in riot gear. You know shields and batons about to go into a house nearby. I'm still wondering why the fuck they let me stand at the bus stop knowing what was about to go down. Once I figured it out I bounced.