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Topic subjectI'll never forget
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12682748, I'll never forget
Posted by Sarah_Bellum, Mon Dec-22-14 06:26 PM
One time I was in Adams Morgan coming from work and I saw the scariest vehicle I've ever seen in my life. It was a van with holes on all three sides and dudes with Ak's hanging out of them in full body armor like warriors looking back and forth, as if they were expecting an ambush in broad daylight. Also it had what I thought was a movie camera on one side recording or maybe it was a weapon. It was all black, like midnight. I've never seen anything like that before or since. I don't know who was in that van but it must have been someone of the utmost importance. I can't even imagine what kinda person gets an escort like that.

But you see crazy stuff in DC that you wouldn't see other places with the Fed and think nothing of it.
Ill never forget the time the Beast rolled past me in Chinatown. That shit looks like a car but it's really a tank. It made the whole street rumble like it was 3-4 dump trucks when it went past.