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Topic subjecti lightweight want to be an undercover
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12682707, i lightweight want to be an undercover
Posted by southphillyman, Mon Dec-22-14 05:24 PM
i wish there was a way to become a detective and skip all that beat patrol shit and go straight to undercover level
i was in badlands (jasper and westmoreland) on saturday getting $300 of work done for $40 at the papi shop
walked up the street to get a .75 black cherry 24oz
man that shit was like walking thru a gauntlet
anyway a couple of wzups and head nods got me from point a to b
i get back to the shop, one of the papis telling me about all the murders on that strip.
first thing i though is how the fuck you know i'm not from that strip?
a nigga be thinking he blend in but he probably don't. my bubble vest was bright yellow and way too clean for a corner nigga i suppose