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Topic subjectNo feds, just city SWAT teams and undercovers
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12682701, No feds, just city SWAT teams and undercovers
Posted by 8-bit, Mon Dec-22-14 05:13 PM
I see at least 1-2 raids a year just by riding my bike around at odd times. It's kinda funny to see dudes in hoodies, timbs and fitteds locking a dude up. Thug dude sitting there with cuffs on looking DEFEATED. Thing is the city cops only seem to use stereotypical American vehicles, so it's kinda easy to spot the tinted-out Ford Taurus (who the hell tints out a Ford Taurus but cops?)

I think the oddest was the time we were going to grab some green, and the spot we were heading to got raided just as we were pulling up. Like I literally stopped at the stop sign across the street, looked at the cops jumping out of cars and running into this house a little ways away from us and asking my homie "so... is *that* where we were headed?"

Edit: This was supposed to be under the OP, and not a reply to you. Whatever now, lol. Too lazy to go edit and copy&paste this.