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Topic subjectYea in dc
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12682682, Yea in dc
Posted by Mahogany, Mon Dec-22-14 04:42 PM
I'm sure I've told this story before

I was like 17 and working downtown. I had went to the store during lunch and was on my way back to the office. There was this guy walking in front of me and a couple walking next to me...idk why but they all just seemed suspicious as hell. After awhile I kinda felt like the couple was following him, but i just assumed that I was making all of this up.

After awhile the guy started looking back at the couple every few steps. He started to speed up and so did they. All of a sudden the guy took off running and the couple blew they're cover and went after him. Within seconds the area was swarming with fed vehicles and they had him in handcuffs.

That was some crazy shit. In dc I would often see a random black car that appeared to be normal turn on sirens out of nowhere and take off but i had never seen anything like that.