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Topic subjectYou ever seen some undercover CIA/FBI/Fed Gov shit go down in public?
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12682656, You ever seen some undercover CIA/FBI/Fed Gov shit go down in public?
Posted by Binladen, Mon Dec-22-14 04:18 PM
Like they scoop somebody up off the street, then hop into their black SUV's and disappear?
12682662, You mean aside from 9/11? #TOKPR
Posted by Mongo, Mon Dec-22-14 04:25 PM
12682667, nah, but I had a coworker come in late claiming the FBI busted...
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-22-14 04:29 PM
in his spot.

Around lunch time 2 guys in suits came in asking about him and left their FBI info.

This was in Philly in 2002/03. Apparently the apt. he was in used to have some middle easterners. It didn't help that his GF was Iranian at the time.
12682669, never in action
Posted by Atillah Moor, Mon Dec-22-14 04:29 PM
but I have seen them all corralled up in a parking lot getting the pre "swoop in" gameplan down.
12682670, family...yes numerous times
Posted by tomjohn29, Mon Dec-22-14 04:30 PM
late 80's early 90's sweeps
12682682, Yea in dc
Posted by Mahogany, Mon Dec-22-14 04:42 PM
I'm sure I've told this story before

I was like 17 and working downtown. I had went to the store during lunch and was on my way back to the office. There was this guy walking in front of me and a couple walking next to me...idk why but they all just seemed suspicious as hell. After awhile I kinda felt like the couple was following him, but i just assumed that I was making all of this up.

After awhile the guy started looking back at the couple every few steps. He started to speed up and so did they. All of a sudden the guy took off running and the couple blew they're cover and went after him. Within seconds the area was swarming with fed vehicles and they had him in handcuffs.

That was some crazy shit. In dc I would often see a random black car that appeared to be normal turn on sirens out of nowhere and take off but i had never seen anything like that.
12682693, every time I see one of these for too long
Posted by JellyBean, Mon Dec-22-14 04:57 PM

I think some shit is about to go all the way down...

I have seen a high speed chase...like the kind where they throw out the spike strips...dude was riding on the rims sparks were flying everywhere! I was shook as shit as they were coming up behind me on the interstate...I just knew they were going to hit my brand new car!
12682699, RE: You ever seen some undercover CIA/FBI/Fed Gov shit go down in public?
Posted by southphillyman, Mon Dec-22-14 05:06 PM
when i lived in philly the swat team broke into some dudes house down the block from me
i don't think he was even who they were looking for but just my luck i parked directly across from his house
fuckers broke my driver side mirror and i was blocked in for a little while
12682701, No feds, just city SWAT teams and undercovers
Posted by 8-bit, Mon Dec-22-14 05:13 PM
I see at least 1-2 raids a year just by riding my bike around at odd times. It's kinda funny to see dudes in hoodies, timbs and fitteds locking a dude up. Thug dude sitting there with cuffs on looking DEFEATED. Thing is the city cops only seem to use stereotypical American vehicles, so it's kinda easy to spot the tinted-out Ford Taurus (who the hell tints out a Ford Taurus but cops?)

I think the oddest was the time we were going to grab some green, and the spot we were heading to got raided just as we were pulling up. Like I literally stopped at the stop sign across the street, looked at the cops jumping out of cars and running into this house a little ways away from us and asking my homie "so... is *that* where we were headed?"

Edit: This was supposed to be under the OP, and not a reply to you. Whatever now, lol. Too lazy to go edit and copy&paste this.
12682707, i lightweight want to be an undercover
Posted by southphillyman, Mon Dec-22-14 05:24 PM
i wish there was a way to become a detective and skip all that beat patrol shit and go straight to undercover level
i was in badlands (jasper and westmoreland) on saturday getting $300 of work done for $40 at the papi shop
walked up the street to get a .75 black cherry 24oz
man that shit was like walking thru a gauntlet
anyway a couple of wzups and head nods got me from point a to b
i get back to the shop, one of the papis telling me about all the murders on that strip.
first thing i though is how the fuck you know i'm not from that strip?
a nigga be thinking he blend in but he probably don't. my bubble vest was bright yellow and way too clean for a corner nigga i suppose
12682736, yup, lifelong dc resident. that's all I'mma say about that n/m
Posted by Scarface_7, Mon Dec-22-14 06:14 PM
12683438, pretty much
Posted by unfukwitable, Tue Dec-23-14 02:00 PM

12682748, I'll never forget
Posted by Sarah_Bellum, Mon Dec-22-14 06:26 PM
One time I was in Adams Morgan coming from work and I saw the scariest vehicle I've ever seen in my life. It was a van with holes on all three sides and dudes with Ak's hanging out of them in full body armor like warriors looking back and forth, as if they were expecting an ambush in broad daylight. Also it had what I thought was a movie camera on one side recording or maybe it was a weapon. It was all black, like midnight. I've never seen anything like that before or since. I don't know who was in that van but it must have been someone of the utmost importance. I can't even imagine what kinda person gets an escort like that.

But you see crazy stuff in DC that you wouldn't see other places with the Fed and think nothing of it.
Ill never forget the time the Beast rolled past me in Chinatown. That shit looks like a car but it's really a tank. It made the whole street rumble like it was 3-4 dump trucks when it went past.

12682783, I saw some Batman equipment at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh a few years ago
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-22-14 08:04 PM
Sound cannons and all black tanks and street armored vehicles.

We had our Grandfathers surprise birthday party at a church in the hill district while they were running exercises and ramping up for protestors.

12682771, a little city right next to the one i grew up in
Posted by Zion3Lion, Mon Dec-22-14 07:25 PM
used to have this youth work program. so we were working in this area called the lotment-basically where the majority of the black folks lived in this particularly city. Also where alot of drugs got bought and sold.
so anyway we were working on cleaning up this field and mowing it. when all of a sudden we look up and there are swat vehicles and a helicopter doing a drug bust in broad daylight. pretty crazy shit.
12682773, living in dc but not quite like that
Posted by LittleTortilla, Mon Dec-22-14 07:28 PM
there is this unmarked building near my old job. All the other buildings around have the companies clearly marked on the outside of the building. it's in the middle of downtown. all the windows are blacked out. you gotta swipe into the front door at all times. and the parking lot is heavily guarded. then i realized that only black SUVs ever come out of there. So I guess it's like acme ltd or something.

i haven't seen anyone get picked up but I have seen people being followed. i'm actually surprised that that secret service dudes are so easy to spot. you can usually tell they are like ex-military by the way they carry themselves and then you peep the ear piece.

I did see a raid a few years back. Walking to the bus stop and they blocking the streets off and there were a bunch of dudes in riot gear. You know shields and batons about to go into a house nearby. I'm still wondering why the fuck they let me stand at the bus stop knowing what was about to go down. Once I figured it out I bounced.
12682793, perhaps only propaganda
Posted by initiationofplato, Mon Dec-22-14 08:31 PM
the general news and advertisements/films, etc.
12682946, undercover cops
Posted by GROOVEPHI, Tue Dec-23-14 09:06 AM
years ago, I was in the barbershop. These 2 dudes were in the shop also for about 2 hours waiting and gettign a cut. Soon as they walked out of the shop, BOOM, 2 officers with vests and shotguns jumped out of a truck on them.

Shit was crazy. It was like 3pm on a Saturday. Who knows how long they were out there waiting for them to come out.
12682972, wtf? not like that, no, but yeah i seen undercover one-times
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Dec-23-14 09:45 AM
mostly lil shit like nabbing shoplifters or johns but a couple times some shit that seemed more severe.

also once i was drinking some OJ at a McDonald's in Germany and I see eight storm trooper looking MF'ers slam some kid against the window RIGHT in front of my face, fuck him up a little, search him and arrest him. he was like college aged, i dont know what he did but it had eight cops in full riot gear chasing his ass down.
12682978, who in ATL aint seen them Red Dawgs at work?
Posted by deejboram, Tue Dec-23-14 09:51 AM
In Brazil they are called "Choque" a force about ten times worse than the Red Dogs

don't stand within 10 feet of these dudes if you don't want to be beat down with a baton.
They walk in a line in riot gear and seas of people just part like they are Jesus de Cristandor
12683392, You mean BOPE?
Posted by GameTheory, Tue Dec-23-14 01:29 PM
Those dudes don't play...
12683439, no. Choque. but BOPE and CHOQUE essentially do the same thing
Posted by deejboram, Tue Dec-23-14 02:01 PM
choque i think is more for general crowd control like during Carnaval and World Cup
whereas BOPE i think is more for running up in favelas and having shootouts with gangs
but i think they do each others jobs as well
i dunno
i just know they are some BAAAAAD dudes

12683047, seeing caravans of black limos speeding somewhere is normal here
Posted by Binlahab, Tue Dec-23-14 10:42 AM
air force 1 land & take off no big deal

does it really matter?

for all my fans who keep my name in their mouth: http://i.imgur.com/v2xNOpS.jpg
12683144, I've seen an immigration task force swoop in and get some neighbors before.
Posted by Fishgrease, Tue Dec-23-14 11:26 AM
12683276, Saw them gearing up.
Posted by bigkarma, Tue Dec-23-14 12:19 PM
I was walking my dog, in my old neighborhood (Little Five Points), and saw a couple of unmarked cars assemble in a parking lot. Dudes got out in the ATF and FBI windbreakers, and popped the trunk. They started putting on vests and checking the artillery.

One dude shot me the "nothing to see here" look, so I kept it moving.
12683432, dude shot me the "nothing to see here" look
Posted by BigJazz, Tue Dec-23-14 01:55 PM
that's funny...
12683421, My actions sent the FBI to collect an employee or two
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Tue Dec-23-14 01:46 PM
Well, it was their actions, I just happened to be the person that found out about it.

How stupid can you be to look at CP on your work PC??? Eventually you should just expect suits to come to your desk, badges to get flashed and "You're under arrest for intentionally accessing CP" to said.

And when it happens at the office...
12683446, FDA, FBI and Homeland Security raided the little chinese herb importer
Posted by dba_BAD, Tue Dec-23-14 02:07 PM
across the street

we're a sleepy block and they must have had no less than 20 cars (probably more), full on raid, vested up, the whole nine

i didn't see them make any arrests, but they confiscated a bunch of stuff. they were there basically all day

herbalists back to work more or less as usual the next day
12683447, CIA- hell no FBI/DEA- yes Knockers- all the got damn time
Posted by ambient1, Tue Dec-23-14 02:07 PM
hell they snatched me up @ my crib years ago
12683452, Drew Hall 1999. saw a raid on Hobart street.
Posted by MrThomas43423, Tue Dec-23-14 02:08 PM
it was like something out of a movie. the first lights came on and then you saw what looked like 250 niggas just start taking appearing and running outta nowhere. then the agents started chasing them, and yeah...that shit was wild.
it's true what they say...people are strange, when you're strangers.

not compassionate....only polite.

I am not like you at all and i cannot pretend.
12683454, FCC conducted a military style "raid" on my high school radio station
Posted by dba_BAD, Tue Dec-23-14 02:12 PM
someone forgot to carry a 1 or something and turned out we were broadcasting across the bay area instead of just on our campus like we were supposed to

the whole thing was so silly

but the station was shut down indefinitely, and i got a free period for the year as a result

don't think they ever got back up actually