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Topic subjecti dont get the "not organic" argument.
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12683640, i dont get the "not organic" argument.
Posted by double negative, Tue Dec-23-14 06:07 PM
being organic put you in a not so great space to begin with
why not do the opposite of what you normally do and make a win happen?

and thanks for the response, breaking down goals into tangible chunks is where the magic happens.

>well a version of this method...essentially I take the big
>goal and break it into smaller goals. and put time lines on
>those. for example.
>2015: Finish my novel
>Tasks to complete:
>*character breakdown
>*chapter breakdown
>*write chapters (each chapter is a goal)
>*once finished, read and edit
>etc etc. then i put a timeline on each of those things. so if
>I say I have a month to finish the outline, if I finish it in
>two weeks, then those two weeks give me a jumpstart on the
>next goal.
>its just makes you feel like you're doing more than just
>having a big goal like "Fix my credit" and are going
>everywhere to do it. when you can break it down to '
>*request credit report from agency
>*review, highlight discrepancies
>*write letters
>blah blah blah. people say it's not organic but for ppl who
>have procrastination or attention issues, it makes things
>*seem* easier to complete because it's more specific.