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Topic subjectPretty much all except for one...
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12683133, Pretty much all except for one...
Posted by Brownsugar, Tue Dec-23-14 11:22 AM
I did not go fishing this year and it is too late to fulfill that dream this late in the year. I do believe that I became a better person this year. I worked hard to become a more patient and tolerant person. 'picked up a lot of knowledge which hopefully, will help me make it through the new year. My niece and nephew have never been fishing, so we are making plans to go next year when the weather is right. I am going to be determined to take them on a nice, fishing & picnic type fishing trip this year :-) :-) :-) !!!

♥ :* I LUV ALL A' Y'ALL!!! :7 !!! :* ♥