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Topic subjectnope, this is just something I have created on my own.
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12683001, nope, this is just something I have created on my own.
Posted by double negative, Tue Dec-23-14 10:17 AM
first it started with a method I USED to do

which was based on the 3 by 5 index card

during the evening you pick just TWO MAJOR GOALS to take on the next day. by your door or where ever it is you place your keys place the index card right next to the keys. when you leave for the day read the card and put it in your back pocket, purse or book.

dont think about the card

however an interesting thing happens, you actually end up taking on the day in a different way.

the card is kind of a like a cheat card, when you dont know whats going on with the day you look at the card.

you can also list smaller goals on the other side or shopping lists, to-dos, just stuff you want to knock out of the way really.

the TWO MAJOR GOAL limit just comes from the fact that humans are not so great at context switching. have lots of other stuff going on, the two major goals should be very big things that move your life forward.

so, this system was expanded into what I do now.