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Topic subjectthis don't seem organic at all. your life sound like a chemistry project.
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12682986, this don't seem organic at all. your life sound like a chemistry project.
Posted by deejboram, Tue Dec-23-14 10:06 AM
>religiously sticking to a goal for a single year is like
>running a marathon without training. You are bound to hurt
>yourself and become deeply disappointed.
>The year can be conveniently broken up into quarters and so I
>have a hierarchy of goals because of the way a year can break
>1 year: satisfies major themes, large abstract concepts, think
>more abstract while being less specific (long distance)
>3 months: attainable, potentially challenging tangible goals.
>this is where the work happens with making BIG goals happen
>(middle distance)
>1 month: very short sprints (short distance)
>Weeks: micro sprints.
>Day by day stuff is kind of done while you live your life but
>an interesting thing happens when you have a quarter goal in
>place; you start to focus your daily energy into completing
>the goal.
>So the nuts and bolts of it is that I have my life divided
>into a few preselected channels that I focus on currently my
>channels are:
>*Previous Quarter reflection (what happened, what worked, what
>didn't work)
>*Finance (money stuff, obvi)
>*Home (status of the house I live in, is it stable? is it not?
>what big ticket items might I want? what needs work?)
>*Social (just making sure I'm reaching out to old connections
>or building new ones)
>*Organizational (work, work and work stuff, what do I want to
>accomplish? how will I accomplish it?)
>*Enrichment (the mind, the body)
>Up coming Quarter projection (where MIGHT I want to go after
>this quarter wraps up?)
>At the start of every quarter I have a text document that is
>created where it is "living". When a fresh quarter begins I
>outline where I've been, what I am going to do in the quarter
>and where I might go with the next one.
>I mention the "living" aspect of the document because it is an
>ongoing process of looking back and forward in time to make
>the most informed decision.
>another aspect of this exercise is that it acts as a safe zone
>to try out potential moves/ideas/decisions because you are
>forced to think things through before doing them.
>The written word is very very very powerful. I believe in it.
>Just about everything I have written HAS HAPPENED. It is so
>powerful that I have actually been a bit hesitant about
>putting the next phase in motion because Im having a good time
>being lazy. Once you start the process the ball just picks up
>speed quickly and before you know it you are doing things you
>never thought you would be doing.