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Topic subjectDid you hit your goals for 2014?
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12682494, Did you hit your goals for 2014?
Posted by CRichMonkey, Mon Dec-22-14 02:09 PM
I set fiver personal goals for 2014 and I nailed three of 'em, kinda hit the fourth and bombed on the fifth.

Here's how I did:
1.) Quit smoking (done)
2.) Get a raise/promotion at the gig (done)
3.) Raise the credit score (done)
4.) Cook more meals for my family (push)
5.) Hoop/Golf/do some physical activity at least once a week (FAIL)

All in all, I feel good about 2014. I definitely have room for improvement for 2015 in the areas of health and working out, I still got some financial things I need to get in order, and I gotta step up my dad game since the kid's getting older.

But I'm ready to set my goals for next year.

What about y'all? How did you do goals wise for 2014?

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