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Topic subjectBad/Evil Secret Santa Gifts
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12682429, Bad/Evil Secret Santa Gifts
Posted by veritas, Mon Dec-22-14 01:16 PM
A while back at a part-time job I had in high school the general manager was a relatively open card carrying Democrat, and his name was drawn by a zealously conservative (and possibly mentally unstable) janitor in the Secret Santa.

A lot of people were just scraping by at that gig, so the limit was $5 for your gift.

Yeah, that janitor gave the GM 10 Kennedy half dollars attached to a piece of wood with nails (screws maybe? I don't remember) driven right through the heads.

Somehow he kept his job for years after that. I dunno. I guess he cleaned well enough.
12682443, Wish i had a story half as good as that
Posted by Ted Gee Seal, Mon Dec-22-14 01:30 PM
Other than that one uncle who always gets a roll of toilet paper or a rock... and that's just him being an ass.
12682495, we did bad santa past friday
Posted by JohnnyKilroy, Mon Dec-22-14 02:11 PM
- one person got a michael kors watch box. inside was a single kernel of corn.

- a woman who loves Hannity and anything Fox News related got a pack of crackers
12682553, that MK watch box idea is outstanding.
Posted by veritas, Mon Dec-22-14 03:00 PM
Even though the recipient had to have an idea what was coming, you know she had a brief glimmer of hope that somehow she was actually getting the watch.
12682616, Worst gift at ours was a book about crafting items with cat hair.
Posted by cskncream, Mon Dec-22-14 03:36 PM
I still can't believe that was a legit book.
12682618, lol this one?
Posted by veritas, Mon Dec-22-14 03:37 PM

i'm crackin up. i'm with you, this can't be a real thing.
12683491, lol, I think that's it.
Posted by cskncream, Tue Dec-23-14 02:58 PM
How is this a thing??
12683509, there's a 150 reviews? 102 of which are 5-star
Posted by sndesai1, Tue Dec-23-14 03:25 PM
12683952, RE: lol this one?
Posted by Whatsthat, Wed Dec-24-14 11:23 AM
"There's no other word for this book except: purrfect." —Los Angeles Times *crying*
12683547, Girl on the natural hair board said
Posted by StephBMore, Tue Dec-23-14 04:13 PM
her coworker gave her a relaxer. I died laughing...but that's horrible. apparently the guy asked her coworker what would she like and that's what the coworker said. he didn't get her a real relaxer, eh got one of those reversion kits that straighten your hair but only last 6 weeks or 4/5 washes.
12683633, I have a white elephant story
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Dec-23-14 05:54 PM
with my wife's side of the family the adults usually pick 1 name out of a hat and that's the only present you gotta get...except for the kids of course. Everyone hated the idea.I was the most vocal about it. My brother in laws jumped in after. We wanted it back the old way. Mom in law didnt give in so white elephant it was. So we decided to sabotage it. We just bought gifts that we would only like and made sure to pick them for ourselves. 4 out of the 8 of us walked out with what we got and my mom in law never tried to mess with Christmas again.