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Topic subjectit's funny i love both sneakers and jerseys
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12681916, it's funny i love both sneakers and jerseys
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Dec-21-14 04:58 PM
but i hate the people who collect them for the most part.

i remember i was walking in NYC on a thursday before the south beach bron 9s came out. i asked some kids standing in line at foot action a full 40 fucking hours before these would come out what they were waiting for. i had some regular shit on, some vomero 4s and the guy was like "what you got on your feet" hahahaha. lil shit, this guy would cum in his pants for a week if he saw my shit. and then the older heads are even worse. some dude like the perfect pair, come on, nut ass dude lol.

the jersey guys are all like super fat and/or nerdy. ah well, at least there are buyers for the sz 60s out there.