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Topic subjectYes I am. The better question is are you Black?
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12683843, Yes I am. The better question is are you Black?
Posted by CaptainRook, Wed Dec-24-14 10:12 AM
>you never heard Juvenile's "back that ass up"?
you a fine
>muthafucka girl now back that ass up.
>the shit was HUUUUUGE when it dropped
>you never heard that No Limit track "fuck them other
>cause im down for my niggas"???
>unless you never listened to a radio, been to a club/bar
or a
>family reunion in the last 15 years i'm calling bullshit
>this one.

I heard all that shit that you mentioned above and it was
alright, but I was beginning to feel so-called Hip Hop music
less and less around that time.  Coming out of the Golden Age,
that shit was less authentic and I began to grow wary of the
monotonous theme and sound that was been spouted by damn near
every so-called Hip Hop artist and was mentally checkin' out
of it.

>just admit that Dana Dane and Slick Rick squeezed through
>cracks when hip hop was in its adolescent stages.
>now that hip hop is in its "grown and sexy"
years, them
>british niggas wont get no traction.

Wait a minute? Are you sayin' that Slick Rick squeezed
through?  I MAY give you Dana, but Slick Rick? Are you
serious? Next thing you know, you'll be saying that Melle Mel
just happened to "squeeze through" with "The
Message" or that PE, with their whole career,
"squeezed through" or that BDP/KRS just happened to
"squeeze through with their/his contribution(s) or that
Rakim just happened to "squeeze through" with his
lyrical dexterity and display.  How so? Because this shit
that's dropping today is just so unbelievably hot? You can't
be serious.  LMFAO at even the thought of that!!!!

>just because a Vanessa Williams type got much love in 1985
>don't mean her same type will get love in 2015. maybe to
>old self, but these young boys want CAKES!!!

IDK what this has to do with anything, but Venessa "the
undressa" Williams is a beauty in any generation. She may
not hold the same level of sex appeal because she doesn't have
the thickness that's required for that nowadays to have that
top level sex appeal, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't get
any attention.  Hell, look at Rhianna and all of the attention
that she gets. You think a young Venessa would get no looks?
Hell, she still catches some looks now.

And the thickness model of today for women is not new.  It was
in effect back in the day, it just wasn't popular (just like
Hip Hop). Take a look at all of the love that Bernadette
Stanis, Chaka Khan and Judy Pace among several others, got
back in the day.

And what I stated below, STILL stands.

>>When The Show and Paid in Full dropped, everybody who
>>around at that time KNEW that this thing called Hip
>>had turned a significant corner.  It's been a
>>LLOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time, since there's been a track
or an
>>album that's had that kind of impact.