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Topic subjectAGAIN, these are EIGHTIES tracks, NOT 90's.
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12683730, AGAIN, these are EIGHTIES tracks, NOT 90's.
Posted by CaptainRook, Tue Dec-23-14 10:14 PM
Edit: Changed 90's to 80's in subject bar.

>>come out today, will get play 30 years from now in any
>>revered fashion or manner?
>do "back that ass up" or "fuck them other
niggas cause i'm
>down for my niggas" still get the party crunk today?
that shit
>15 years old right now. I can easily see them shits still
>getting as much burn in 2029 as they do today.

IDK cause I was never into that shit too much. I can't say
that I never heard it, but that was around the time when I
began feeling so-called Hip Hop music less and less.

>you realise Gin n Juice is TWENTY YEARS OLD right now and
>it came out The Show and La Di Da Di were already
"old school

Yep, and as classics they had and have been sampled to death.
Anyone trying to sample any of the shit from the past 10 - 15

>>And I categorically disagree with your assessment, at
>>part, because The Show rocks just as hard today as it
>>in '85.
>The Show rocks hard a Paid In Full here in Houston and any
>other crowd where the median age is 37
>play that shit at a step show and watch the crowd's
>but put on "BITCH YOU GUESSIN" or "I GOT
>BAKIN SODA" and see which track gets ALLLLL the folk
out they

The Show and Paid in Full rocks hard still, because they are
undeniable classics. Them Bullshit trax you mentioned above
are just flavors of the moment, like A-Bay-bay and that
Souljah Boy, Tell 'em garbage.  

When The Show and Paid in Full dropped, everybody who was
around at that time KNEW that this thing called Hip Hop music
had turned a significant corner.  It's been a
LLOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time, since there's been a track or an
album that's had that kind of impact.