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Topic subjectthey get play today because they are carried classics.
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12683553, they get play today because they are carried classics.
Posted by deejboram, Tue Dec-23-14 04:20 PM
if they came out today
they wouldnt get passed OKP level


thats the first rap song i ever memorized
that whole album was five mics level

>>talk about ppl stuck in the 90s
>Both Dana Dane and Slick Rick had their Hey Days in the '80's.
>But what of it? 30 years from now, La di Da di, A Children's
>Story, The Show, and Nightmares will STILL be gettin' play.
>IDK how much anyone can say that about this mess from today.
>>>legendary status in the pantheon of Hip Hop music?
>>>>Unfortunately for him, that british accent won't ever pop
>>>>the states