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12683320, No.
Posted by SimplyHannah, Tue Dec-23-14 12:46 PM
>they said pull a Pink.. which she cannot do...
This she can't, but have successful pop records without being able to sing, definitely.

>Yes that is a BAD performance.. and she is outta breath as
>shit.. so there could be contributing factors..

No she can't sing period, I follow her career pretty closely because I am fan, and I have yet to see a performance were shes singing well. With studio magic she sounds decent at best but I would hardly call that singing talent. But if you can show me one performance where she's displaying significant vocal talent, I will shut the entire fuck up. Lol

>Rihanna pulled back on that over dancing as well.. and when
>she does she definitely lands her vocals

Nicki dosent really land her singing vocals regardless of whether she's dancing or not. Or atleast I have yet to hear it.

>But ultimately what I am saying is.. if someone is almost tone
>deaf.. like note is supposed to be in C and they are singin F
>Sharp.. autotune cannot fix that... But for someone like Nicki
>who probably slips from C to C Sharp or sits in between the
>two it won't sound AMAZING live but she can get away with it
>on record...
>and Future nor Thug can be on this convo because they do not
>have these level of hits.. No Billboard Hot 100 number ones
>not even top 10's
I guess but you can still have big successful pop records without being able to sing. ( ie Nicki Minaj)