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Topic subjectRE: Bruh Nicki Minaj cannot sing.
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12683252, RE: Bruh Nicki Minaj cannot sing.
Posted by double 0, Tue Dec-23-14 12:08 PM
they said pull a Pink.. which she cannot do...

Yes that is a BAD performance.. and she is outta breath as shit.. so there could be contributing factors..

Rihanna pulled back on that over dancing as well.. and when she does she definitely lands her vocals

But ultimately what I am saying is.. if someone is almost tone deaf.. like note is supposed to be in C and they are singin F Sharp.. autotune cannot fix that... But for someone like Nicki who probably slips from C to C Sharp or sits in between the two it won't sound AMAZING live but she can get away with it on record...

and Future nor Thug can be on this convo because they do not have these level of hits.. No Billboard Hot 100 number ones not even top 10's