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Topic subjectRE: don't let double ok see this.
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12683226, RE: don't let double ok see this.
Posted by double 0, Tue Dec-23-14 11:57 AM

I've already seen this.. What AFKAP says is what it is..

Iggy is a pretty precarious success story.. up until like February of this year it almost didnt happen.. The label had no clue where she would land when they dropped the album.. They barely paid for videos, promo any of that

The real power behind all of this is Sarah Stennett and turn first. They were able to right the ship after the Grand Hustle thing kinda went south. The smartest thing they did was build a real base in the UK so that if America never took off at least she would have an ability to scale overseas and try again the next album (see their other artist Rita Ora).

But Fancy worked.. so here we are