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Topic subjectright? LOL
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12682951, right? LOL
Posted by SoWhat, Tue Dec-23-14 09:27 AM
i dig her attitude in response to this drama too. and i agree it's pretty HH of her. LOL

>Not even trolling, but WHY is she such a catalyst for ire? If
>you don't like her music don't buy it don't listen to it. (Btw
>don't agree she's specifically sayin fuck Qtip)

here, here!

>Basically Black people are mad b/c not only are our "talented"
>artists struggling (I out talented in quotes b/c I don't
>listen to Banks to know if she's good or not) but we're mad at
>white people for buying a white girl's pop/rap albums....what
>the fuck is the point


>What do folks want her to do enroll at Howard? Does Iggy come
>off entitled, yes, but can that same argument not be made for
>Banks acting like she's the gatekeeper of the 4 tenents and
>how the've evolved?


>AND when's the last time anybody in MMG or on YM saluted the
>pioneers? This is ridiculous lmao

i mean, really.