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Topic subjectLol I dunno what they want that girl to do.
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12682937, Lol I dunno what they want that girl to do.
Posted by SimplyHannah, Tue Dec-23-14 08:39 AM
>Not even trolling, but WHY is she such a catalyst for ire? If
>you don't like her music don't buy it don't listen to it. (Btw
>don't agree she's specifically sayin fuck Qtip

Maybe not but she damn sure dosent give af about what he's saying and lumped him in with the masses that are finger wagging her about what they think she dosent know.

>Basically Black people are mad b/c not only are our "talented"
>artists struggling (I out talented in quotes b/c I don't
>listen to Banks to know if she's good or not) but we're mad at
>white people for buying a white girl's pop/rap albums....what
>the fuck is the point

Yea I dunno what they want her to do cause black ppl damn sure arent the ones buying her music and enabling this.

>What do folks want her to do enroll at Howard? Does Iggy come
>off entitled, yes, but can that same argument not be made for
>Banks acting like she's the gatekeeper of the 4 tenents and
>how the've evolved?

The same exact argument can be applied to any 23-24 year old who thinks they have the world figured out. That's just how ppl in this age group act lol she just happens to be a white one.

>AND when's the last time anybody in MMG or on YM saluted the
>pioneers? This is ridiculous lmao

They kinda don't and that's the root issue here. A lot of our own artists don't even awknowledge or care about the pioneers but we expect others too, and get upset when they don't?

Iggy just making the same kinda trash music that Young Thug and all dem making and T.I saw an opportunity to capitalize off her whiteness her doing so. Are there other young black talented artists making quality music that he could have tried to give a platform to...sure, but he didn't cause he dosent give a fuck about the state of hip hop either. He cosigning Iggy and jumping on tracks with trashy artists like Young Thug too for the $$$$.

They asked this nigga Young Thug what he thought about Ferguson and he said " uh right now we iced out getting money out here, and that's what we doing." Lmao