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Topic subject Bruh Nicki Minaj cannot sing.
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12682930, Bruh Nicki Minaj cannot sing.
Posted by SimplyHannah, Tue Dec-23-14 08:18 AM
>Are we gonna forget that Nicki is a product of one of the
>best performing arts high schools in the country? So much so
>they made a damn TV Show about it..
>Nicki can sing she sings live she may not write those records
>but she can deliver the top line.

Hold a tune long enough for some studio magic to happen... Sure, but so can Future, Cassie and hell even Kim Kardashian can do that but I would hardly call that singing talent.

This is Nicki Minaj " singing" skip to 2:36 ---> http://youtu.be/U9QsB31Wgro

And similarly almost all of her "singing" performances are of low quality. She auditioned for that performing arts school with a singing audition was and rejected, later on auditioned for the acting and was accepted, and rightfully so.

Baby girl can rap and has charisma for days and I'm not taking that away from her at all. But suggesting that she has singing talent is reaching, but I dunno maybe you do think that shit sounds good.

But I say all that, not to drag Nicki M but to suggest that Iggy can have success singing "pop" records because a bunch of other non "singing" artists can and have. It's not uncommon.