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Topic subjectRE: Its not about consigning everything
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12682867, RE: Its not about consigning everything
Posted by cgonz00cc, Tue Dec-23-14 12:33 AM

>That was questionable as well

If you mean its questionable that someone wpuld say that, i agree with you. If you are referring to my response to it, im not sure what to tell you. SoWhat's reaction to it was almost exactly the same as mine, so there were other rational people with the same feelings.

>Your point?
>Oh your only but so brainwashed and stuck in a particular
>Oh goody for you?

What? My "brainwashed" POV is a complete unknown to you. I know this because I've never bothered to explain any of it to you, and have no plans to.

>"...I prefer to post in a bubble?"

Thats one interpretation i suppose. I would say im more interested in the choices people make.

>We can tell you don't care
>Hence your consistently questionable replies

You keep using this word and i think you should just say what you mean so i can laugh it it.

>Bigots tend to be comfortable in their views as well

Getting closer!

>Not sure what the point of that part of your statement
>statement was except to ground yourself in your willful
>ignorance by claiming some off board knowledge
>It doesn't work like that on here.

The point of that statement is that if you want to call me racist, or even funnier, actually think i *am* racist...ok, whatever. We both know that what you actually know about me could fit comfortably into the space between bonded atoms.