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Topic subjectIts not about consigning everything
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12682856, Its not about consigning everything
Posted by lfresh, Mon Dec-22-14 11:42 PM
>The OKP consensus about race and class and their relation to
>power in America is pretty much congruous with my own. If i
>am posting something contrarian its because ive taken issue
>with a specific detail (like ppl telling their kids that their
>white friends *will* bounce on them in tough times)

That was questionable as well

or i dont
>think the poster im replying to is looking at things from more
>than one perspective. That other perspective may not even be
>one i agree with, and if thats intellectually dishonest to
>you, youre probably right to some degree.

At least you acknowledge it

I can say with 100%
>certainty that if i were involved in a race and class
>discussion on a message board full of WASPs "intellectually
>dishonest" would be the nicest thing i would get called.

Your point?
Oh your only but so brainwashed and stuck in a particular pov?
Oh goody for you?

>For another, my comments in posts like this tend to relate to
>the principals involved in them. For me, thats Q Tip, Iggy,
>and Twitter. Please understand that if im not posting about
>this situation through a race and class lens, its
>intentionally so because im focusing on choices made by the

"...I prefer to post in a bubble?"

>I hope you understand that i dont care if im seen here as
>being willfully ignorant of the effects of race and class on
>society, because i grew up with them all around me and im
>comfortable with who i am as a person. I only replied to you
>because i consistently really enjoy your posting.

We can tell you don't care
Hence your consistently questionable replies
Bigots tend to be comfortable in their views as well
Not sure what the point of that part of your statement statement was except to ground yourself in your willful ignorance by claiming some off board knowledge
It doesn't work like that on here.

When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices. Live so that when you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.
You cannot hate people for their own good.