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Topic subjectfor one, i dont see a point in just cosigning everything
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12682528, for one, i dont see a point in just cosigning everything
Posted by cgonz00cc, Mon Dec-22-14 02:47 PM
The OKP consensus about race and class and their relation to power in America is pretty much congruous with my own. If i am posting something contrarian its because ive taken issue with a specific detail (like ppl telling their kids that their white friends *will* bounce on them in tough times), or i dont think the poster im replying to is looking at things from more than one perspective. That other perspective may not even be one i agree with, and if thats intellectually dishonest to you, youre probably right to some degree. I can say with 100% certainty that if i were involved in a race and class discussion on a message board full of WASPs "intellectually dishonest" would be the nicest thing i would get called.

For another, my comments in posts like this tend to relate to the principals involved in them. For me, thats Q Tip, Iggy, and Twitter. Please understand that if im not posting about this situation through a race and class lens, its intentionally so because im focusing on choices made by the principals.

I hope you understand that i dont care if im seen here as being willfully ignorant of the effects of race and class on society, because i grew up with them all around me and im comfortable with who i am as a person. I only replied to you because i consistently really enjoy your posting.