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Topic subjecther responses happened on Twitter, so he addressed them
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12682483, her responses happened on Twitter, so he addressed them
Posted by SoWhat, Mon Dec-22-14 01:59 PM
on Twitter, publicly.

>If he really wanted to build something with her, that could
>have been done face to face (or even over the phone) in a
>setting conducive to positive interaction

i dunno that he hasn't also reached out to her privately for a person-to-person chat of some sort.

>Firing off an "Idiots Guide to HipHop" in a public one way
>Twitter blast seems more like an attempt to shame than build

if he really wanted to shame her he would've done so w/different language. the man is a professional wordsmith - he knows what he's doing when it comes to that kind of biz. if he wanted to shame her he could've chosen more fiery diction. he didn't - and that's b/c i don't think he wanted to shame her.