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Topic subjectPeople are still upset about Grammys? For any reason ever?
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12682341, People are still upset about Grammys? For any reason ever?
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Dec-22-14 11:56 AM
The Grammys are not to be taken seriously. It's a hop skip and a jump from the People's Choice Awards.

Banks fucked up by focusing on that. Grammy doesn't give a shit whether it's Pop or Rap-- she's talking fast over a beat, that's rap to them, lol. Q-Tip should've tweeted his history lesson to the Grammy voting committee.

Regarding Iggy, she should probably know at this point that any response ever is a loss. She is dropping insanely catchy hits in a genre that is predominantly black, so anyone irritated by her will shit on her as often as possible until her star fades. She needs to focus on this tour and her next album. She responded to a far less popular musician, and now she's got her beef tied in with a rap legend. Again, she will never win this cultural appropriation debate. Ever. Simply don't respond. Or, if you do, say "I love hip hop and always have." The end. Do not engage further.

I saw her perform at Made in America Fest too. She puts on a *really* good show. I'm not even a fan, but I was very entertained.