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Topic subjecthe wasn't trying to invalidate her tho
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12682248, he wasn't trying to invalidate her tho
Posted by SHAstayhighalways, Mon Dec-22-14 10:58 AM
i'm pretty sure he's on the side of feeling like she has the right to exist within the hip hop realm
his approach is a perfect example of NOT trying to tear someone down just bc of their race.
he approached it very diplomatically and i don't see anything wrong with that.

i mean i agree on some who cares about the bitch anyway
i mostly ignore her existence
but q-tip as an elder in this game and a pioneer of hip hop felt it necessary to educate rather than just diss her
and there's no harm in that IMO
and as been stated before it wasn't a private message so
anyone reading who might be in the same boat as iggy also got a few lessons.

edited to add: i don't fk with her and think she's a culture vulture but that doesn't mean qtip was wrong to address her this way. because now she nor her supporters can say she wasn't given the lowdown