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Topic subjectdo they consider it hip-hop?
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12681966, do they consider it hip-hop?
Posted by howisya, Sun Dec-21-14 07:14 PM
what i'm getting at is more than just the term itself falling out of favor but also a distance from what hip-hop was said to be "about" for most of its existence (as opposed to a particular sound). people rapped on early to mid '90s club/dance songs, but few considered it hip-hop. likewise rage against the machine and some of the later nu-metal bands had rappers instead of singers. some form of rapping is still popular and thus "cool," but i'm not sure a lot of what's popular is still hip-hop. that's why some of the dogpiling on iggy is over the top to me because she is just one of many, albeit someone who doesn't do herself many favors with what she says in her defense.