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Topic subjectwhy not?
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12681894, why not?
Posted by MiracleRic, Sun Dec-21-14 04:22 PM
her responses to some of the criticisms is what is really making this a big deal

macklemore handled it way better...

which is why people largely dropped it...eventually

but iggy actually responding is what is continuing to drive this story...

everyone is contributing to the social media mayhem and i largely think this history less is a bit self-important and useless but i'm not mad at it...

there's no way to reasonably combat the bullshit stance that she and others like her take so confidently and defensively...

just be grateful...praise that alabaster skin...take them grammys...and shrug it all the way to the bank

but there are going to be frustrated and upset people who are simply want to be acknowledged...how they do that is unimportant honestly...far less important than the actual fucking humility involved in recognizing just how fucked up and unfair shit is