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Topic subjectI don't disagree
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12681786, I don't disagree
Posted by SimplyHannah, Sun Dec-21-14 01:21 PM
>Mongo post a couple weeks back and perhaps shut the fuck
>about shit she doesn't know since she apparently can't
>empathize with a very real and present struggle...
>that's just an initial suggestion of course... *shrug*

Some of the things she's posted does suggest an extreme disconnect but If I recall correctly when she chose to "stfu" and remain silent when all racial tension headed in Ferguson, Azealia Banks and company attacked her for not saying anything. She's damned if she does damned if she dosent. One on accord people are like " bitch don't appropriate black culture and then not be about the issues!" When she does its " bitch stfu and stay silent cause you can't relate!" And when and if she does about face and go the pop singer route im willing to bet it's gonna be " bitch it was hip hop/rap and the appropriation of black culture that made you hot, and don't you forget that while you try and move out of a genre that we didn't want you in anyway!"

That girl can't go right, left up or down. Anywho I ain't got all the answers Sway.