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Topic subjectdepends on what's going on that weekend.
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12681095, depends on what's going on that weekend.
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Fri Dec-19-14 06:26 PM
If there's any major fight or a holiday the weekend/week you're trying to stay, the prices shoot up, especially for a major fight.

Circus Circus (where we stay all the time) ain't really that expensive per-night. Riviera is directly across the street and shouldn't be that expensive either. Just north of those two is SLS, the new joint where the Sahara was, and Stratosphere. Those 4 should be the cheapest, though SLS might be trying to get a lil more 'cause it just opened back in August.

Also, staying -just- off the strip is cheaper. Rio, BlueGreen, Mardi Gras, Rumor, Hooters, and the like are cheaper and not too bad of a walk to the strip.


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