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Topic subjectRE: whats the science on getting great deals in vegas?
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12681045, RE: whats the science on getting great deals in vegas?
Posted by jon_o, Fri Dec-19-14 05:18 PM
If you're willing to drive 15 minutes to the strip from your hotel, the M Resort is the absofucklutely best thing out here. It is as nice as anything on the strip,much cheaper thank hotels that can rival it, with service that is just unbelievable. We're locals, and we stay there just to get away at least twice a year.

An example of how good the service is. The employees somehow know your name. Like, the person in the cafe will just be like "Hello Mr. Smith". No clue how they pull that one off. Happens almost every time we stay there. It is both appreciated, and a bit creepy in an awesome way.

BTW, the drive is really not bad at all. There's usually not any traffic.