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Topic subjectwhats the science on getting great deals in vegas?
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12680986, whats the science on getting great deals in vegas?
Posted by dba_BAD, Fri Dec-19-14 04:30 PM
I always had the impression that if you wanted to stay on the strip for cheap and didn't mind a little grime, you could do circus circus or the flamingo and basically spend next to nothing

poking around online, while they're certainly the cheaper alternative to other strip hotels, I'm still not finding those $30-$100 rooms I thought I'd heard about. Everything's more like $150-$200

This is for the spring, so maybe a) I'm just too far out to get the good deals, or b) spring is just pricey?

Is there some proven strategy I'm not up on? How do people do Vegas (the strip, pref) on the cheap?