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Topic subjectTwo Women Who Met As Ferguson Protesters Get Married
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12680924, Two Women Who Met As Ferguson Protesters Get Married
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Dec-19-14 03:21 PM

12680930, 1) congrats
Posted by Chanson, Fri Dec-19-14 03:28 PM
2) Brittany got a donk
12681134, Indeed...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Dec-19-14 08:16 PM
>2) Brittany got a donk
12681210, she surely do
Posted by KiloMcG, Sat Dec-20-14 01:07 AM
12685232, its so SKRONG
Posted by double negative, Sat Dec-27-14 03:40 PM
12680939, I love it
Posted by bonitaapplebaum71481, Fri Dec-19-14 03:34 PM

"i wanna hug all u idiotic bastards & then set you all on fire" -Bin

DROkayplayer: Giving you good puff since May '05
12680944, dope!
Posted by dapitts08, Fri Dec-19-14 03:42 PM
12680959, The darker one is the cutest. Conditioning my ass!
Posted by GrumpySmurf, Fri Dec-19-14 04:02 PM
12681146, Uh...I'm one or two degrees removed from this story and...well
Posted by Lardlad95, Fri Dec-19-14 09:01 PM
It's cool and all, but lets just say I was shocked when I read that story.

Wish I could give more details.
12681211, aiight, so you aint know brittany was gay.
Posted by KiloMcG, Sat Dec-20-14 01:08 AM
12681324, http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/paul_newman.jpg
Posted by Lardlad95, Sat Dec-20-14 01:00 PM
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..." -The Bard
12685015, RE: aiight, so you aint know brittany was gay.
Posted by masacuda, Fri Dec-26-14 06:36 PM
According to the story I read (not this one) Brittany didn't know Brittany was gay...
12685134, she isn't gay...
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat Dec-27-14 09:37 AM
but people just want to be loved so some of them shrug and dive in.

I see it all the time in Charlotte. One woman is obviously gay but the other one? She looking at dudes, got that itch and next thing you know they are fighting in the club.

seems like these days if you break a woman's heart or break up with her there is a 65% chance she is going to give women a try.

I know a girl who swore up and down she was gay... she is dating a guy right now.

12685233, I just realized she had a daughter. This is interesting.
Posted by CherNic, Sat Dec-27-14 03:41 PM
12681215, cops shooting niggers wontonly and bitches talkin bout gay marriage?
Posted by Ill Jux, Sat Dec-20-14 01:25 AM
FOH with this bullshit

12681253, A girl asked for my number at the Million Man March
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat Dec-20-14 08:57 AM
She was focused....

on the wrong things.

12681320, Ur the bitch, white boy
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Sat Dec-20-14 12:53 PM
12682031, nigger ... u ghey
Posted by Ill Jux, Sun Dec-21-14 10:35 PM
12681246, nothing like risking your life to get the emotions going
Posted by Binlahab, Sat Dec-20-14 08:30 AM
Congrats to em, it's gonna be a bunch of Ferguson babies in a few months too

does it really matter?

for all my fans who keep my name in their mouth: http://i.imgur.com/v2xNOpS.jpg
12681321, This is great! Beautiful. I didn't even kno gay marriage was legal in MO
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Sat Dec-20-14 12:54 PM
That's great
12681667, Oh it's only allowed in St. Louis as of now, pending further legal review
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Sun Dec-21-14 06:29 AM
Anyway glad that its at least there
12681659, Wonderful! nm
Posted by afrogirl_lost, Sun Dec-21-14 03:18 AM
12681666, both of them are fine as hell
Posted by sixteenstone, Sun Dec-21-14 06:19 AM
I really loved the slight masculinity feel of Alexis that contrasts with her looks.
12681729, Because she had pants on?
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun Dec-21-14 11:54 AM
>I really loved the slight masculinity feel of Alexis that
>contrasts with her looks.
12684668, Marrying someone in your 20s you've met 4 months later is a good idea.
Posted by MiQL, Fri Dec-26-14 02:15 AM
12684799, lol
Posted by MiracleRic, Fri Dec-26-14 11:42 AM
12684895, Lol....yeah....wish them the best tho....but yeah
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Fri Dec-26-14 02:17 PM
12684955, yeah I'm over here with you
Posted by luvlee2003, Fri Dec-26-14 04:02 PM
God Bless them though.

I'm happy they're happy.

12685074, i'm saying
Posted by Seven, Fri Dec-26-14 09:42 PM
12685236, immma letchoo finish......
Posted by double negative, Sat Dec-27-14 03:43 PM
that might be but at least they got it in then while still bright eyed and in their 20s

at this point I coudlnt even tell you what it would take for someone to break through my hardened case in my 30s
12685262, thats the kinda love you can only get in your early 20s
Posted by Binlahab, Sat Dec-27-14 05:56 PM
It's life absorbing, passionate, spiritual snd ultimately doomed to failure

But however many weeks or months it lasts...it's magic and it never comes again

I hope they are enjoying scisscoring the shit out each other as we speak

12684829, SMH. There's so much wrong in this whole matter.
Posted by Case_One, Fri Dec-26-14 12:32 PM

"America, stop turning our Court Houses of Justice into Dens for Justified Murderers."
12684951, Black love is beautiful
Posted by Goldmind, Fri Dec-26-14 03:57 PM
12684953, What's the divorce rate for gays?
Posted by deejboram, Fri Dec-26-14 03:58 PM
is it calculated separately than for straights?
12685073, yeah..this is weird and gets a raised eyebrow from me...
Posted by Seven, Fri Dec-26-14 09:42 PM
...and their sexuality has nothing to do with it

..and yeah...people do bond more and a lot deeper when they go thru rough shit together...but..yeah...
still weird
12685133, Seems like the other face of MAU isn't with them anymore
Posted by CherNic, Sat Dec-27-14 09:20 AM
The chick brownblaze....she was really big with MAU she was on MHP and everything and now her bio has changed and some of her tweets are now "these hoes aint loyal"....hm

I'm really just waititng for te 3 am screenshot fest to find out how all of this really happened
12685225, You noticed that, too?
Posted by MiQL, Sat Dec-27-14 03:00 PM
I started paying attention once the tweets became a little passive agressive.
They don't even follow each other on twitter anymore and she a damn co-founder.
12685244, smh... what a shame.
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat Dec-27-14 04:25 PM
distracted by the puss
12685253, Infighting comes with any org: BP, SNCC, NOI, etc.
Posted by MiQL, Sat Dec-27-14 05:00 PM
We just have the luxury to see the cracks and how these orgs evolve much sooner.