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Topic subjectFlu season question
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12680850, Flu season question
Posted by Tw3nty, Fri Dec-19-14 02:46 PM
why can't I just roll up in CVS or Walgreens and buy antibiotics?

Is this a money thing?
12680904, Antibiotics don't work on the flu. I got the flu
Posted by ndibs, Fri Dec-19-14 03:10 PM
While on a super strong antibiotic. If anything they weaken your immune system by killing all the good bacteria. The flu is a virus so antibiotics have no direct effect on it.
12680926, I actually have strep throat
Posted by Tw3nty, Fri Dec-19-14 03:23 PM
I was speaking on all of the illness that occur around this time of year. But yeah are antibiotics controlled?
12680931, Because ppl like you think it's all interchangeable...
Posted by ndibs, Fri Dec-19-14 03:29 PM
And would take antibiotics when they're not indicated....

12680958, i suspect it's b/c they'd be misused and abused
Posted by SoWhat, Fri Dec-19-14 03:58 PM
which could lead to the creation of superbugs that could w/stand all antibiotic therapy.

it's already happening w/antibacterial soaps and now i hear some experts are recommending we use less of those.