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Topic subjecthappy friday and shit
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12681129, happy friday and shit
Posted by wbgirl, Fri Dec-19-14 07:49 PM
2 days into 38 and things are...things. i was having pre-birthday thoughts about how i'd like to see certain things happen in the coming year, so i need to flesh those out a bit more and make an action plan, etc.

so very thankful for friends who've been helping me celebrate this month. my circle might not be large but it is full of love and bacon and tacos and booze and books and music and really that covers the basics for me. lol

back to work tomorrow, potential shenanigans on sunday. we'll see what else the weekend brings.

life is good and love is good and god is good...y'all have fun & be safe out there, mmkay? :D

"I pray sometimes to keep my head together,
because you can use prayer however you want.
There are no rules one way or the other."
--Jami Attenberg